It's not rocket science, simply choose which beer you'd like, what size of barrel you want and call us


We'll take your order & organise a delivery slot.  For advance orders we would ask for a small deposit to secure your order. You may be aware that Cask Ale needs time to condition once its delivered, so delivery will have to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance of you wanting to pull your first pint.  We would normally collect your empty within 7 days.   Don't worry about the ins and outs, we'll explain everything when you call to order.

Equipment Loan

Our hand pumps are loaned without charge (subject to availability of course) however we do ask for a CASH equipment bond.  Providing we get our barrel and hand pump back in one piece, the bond is returnable; but please note we do reserve the right to charge for any broken or missing equipment. Again, full details will be given on order.

How much will I need?

Well that depends on how much you drink !!!!

36 Pints = PIN

72 Pints = FIRKIN

144 Pints = KILDERKIN


We charge £10 per order for customers within a 10 mile radius of Bolton, give or take a mile or two.  As the majority of our customers are folks who work for a living, our deliveries are normally in the evening.